Display engineering, of lightweight panels, allows incredible expansion of design concepts for the retail, trade show, and furniture markets. Longer unsupported spans, cantilevered components, and thicker component design are some examples of benefits of our display engineering process.

Display Engineering Examples

Retail Markets

  • Present stunning fixture design to greatly increase product interest…economically!
  • Conceal lighting in components without costly built up structures.
  • Design “floating shelf” concepts.

Trade Show Markets

  • Create a strong, lightweight, and cost effective panel completely prepped with all design features such as quick connection hardware and interior support components.
  • Feature suspended overhead accent designs impossible without lightweight construction.

Furniture Markets

  • Achieve the latest European design styling with ease.
  • Show minimalistic supports and create unique designs without threat of warpage and product instability.

CedarCrest can utilize display engineering to take your envisioned design to the next level! We will use our experience in combining the attributes of lightweight engineering and specialty materials to take your ingenuity from concept to reality. Contact us today to learn more about how our display engineering can give you the results you need.