CedarCrest has been designing and supplying custom and generic component solutions for the trade show and exhibit industry for over 15 years. Often, trade show display projects are rushed, using every resource available, creating an end result that is unusable in any other application, and consequently discarded. Our trade show displays will stop this cycle of spending money just to throw it away.

Put the trade show display experience of CedarCrest to good use to:

  • Discover panel sizes than can be reused many times as they conform to standard booth sizes
  • Understand standard 2 and 3 way connections to allow innovative booth construction
  • Allow lightweight construction to create overhead treatments that defy logic
  • See how panels can be connected horizontally and vertically
  • Visualize the integration of stock and custom components

It is time to be innovative and economical! Using the expertise of the CedarCrest team you will enjoy the benefits of lightweight hollow core construction and the blend of standard and custom components. The result is a trade show display that is visually stunning, financially desirable, and simplifies the sales and design process.

Contact us today to get your visually appealing and reusable trade show display project started.