The architectural finish of a project is the defining touch, the signature of creativity, the acme of ability. Too often what is conceived cannot be delivered because of restrictions of materials and processes. Lightweight panel technology is the genius which dispels many of these design constraints.
Examples of our hollow core architectural product solutions are:

Decorative ceiling beams

  • Auditorium ceiling project consisting of 476 wood beams 3” x 10” x 27’, hollow core technology was applied and resulted in cost savings of 30% and beam weight of 76 pounds

Court room dividing panels

  • 10’ high x 5’ wide x 2 ½” thick lightweight panels provided all necessary acoustic requirements yet weighed 40% less than typical construction supplying a lightweight solution

Hanging architectural panels

  • Project consisted of a 2” thick x 60” wide x 22’ high veneer panel which hung from the ceiling in the center of a spiral stair case

Contact us today with your architectural product design dilemmas and we will prove the advantageous attributes of lightweight panel technology!