Specialty medical carts require a focused design to deliver essential services properly to the healthcare industry. Every feature is functional to the task and therefore each medical cart requirement is specific to its required task. CedarCrest understands these needs and has many years of experience in designing, perfecting and continually improving these specialty medical carts. Areas of expertise that we provide include:

  • Charting carts
  • Fetal Monitor carts
  • Delivery carts
  • Bassinets
  • IT carts
  • Technology carts

We integrate many specialty hardware items to enhance the functionality of these carts such as:

  • Pass through drawer slide hardware
  • Digital locks
  • Baskets
  • Storage cupboards
  • Drop down leaves
  • Folding shelves
  • Chart holders

CedarCrest has the experience and knowledge needed to manufacture superior specialty medical carts. Contact us to discuss your specialty medical cart needs.