Hollow core components allow you to combine all the desired features of the retail display and marketing in one product solution:

  • Quality image of thicker component
  • Variety of materials and finishes
  • Structurally sound for elimination of warpage
  • Lightweight for ease of shipping and cost reduction
  • Space for wiring chases and concealed light installation
  • Lightweight for ease of assembly

Retail Display & Marketing Products & Applications

  • Thick shelf and gable components
  • Design concepts unattainable with conventional material/construction methods (two side open cupboard for storefront with minimal additional support)
  • Cantilevered components
  • Check counters
  • Long unsupported span designs
  • Removable feature wall panels (attached with Velcro)
  • Architectural ceiling features that can be supported on standard T bar construction because panels have similar weight characteristics to ceiling tile (mirror laminate ceiling panels)
  • Specialty tables

CedarCrest is your source for high quality retail display & marketing products that meet your needs and are cost effective. Contact us today to learn more about our retail display & marketing products.