One of the interesting advantages that hollow core construction brings to ceiling treatments is that the weight of a finished panel remains within the tested specification of a standard suspended or T bar system. This gives the design flexibility to add a hollow core panel, with virtually unlimited design options, to the underside of a ceiling installed in new or existing construction. Some examples of hollow core custom ceiling tile applications are:

  • Mirror laminate ceiling tiles
  • Varied, vibrant color ceiling tiles
  • Veneer ceiling tiles
  • Fabric/acoustical ceiling tiles

Ceiling panels will always require customization because of the extensive mechanical and electrical components which are located in a ceiling. This is no issue and we have integrated the following into many ceiling panel projects:

  • Pot light cut outs and mounting options
  • Sprinkler cut outs
  • HVAC cut outs and mounting options
  • Speaker cut outs and mounting options

Our custom ceiling tiles are more than just a ceiling, they are part of your decor. Contact us the next time a ceiling treatment opportunity arises and prove the benefit.