Core materials have an integral role in the design of honeycomb core panels. The key in engineering these panels successfully is to select the core type that will economically achieve the necessary result. To accomplish this, cores are constructed from a variety of core materials. Our main core materials include:

Foam Core

Foam core options provide excellent acoustic, strength, and thermal properties at a relatively low cost. Foam core panels are often utilized as roofing and siding.

Kraft core

Kraft core panels cores are the most economical type of core and fulfill the requirements of most projects as it very light and strong. In addition, kraft core is easy to machine with standard tools and has acoustic and thermal properties. Kraft core is available in treated and non treated paper depending on the application.


Polypropylene core is a little more costly than kraft core panels, but offers exceptional resistance to moisture and corrosion. Polypropylene core panels are not as strong as kraft core panels but fill a very necessary void in the hollow core offering.


Aluminum cores are the most expensive core option and are used where there are high engineering demands of strength, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, and minimal weight.

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