One of the striking facts of hollow core panel construction is that the assembled panel is far superior in strength when compared to a similar size panel of solid mass. Although it may seem that the opposite is true, hollow core construction has been proven to be structurally stronger in a variety of engineering applications from ancient times to the present. Some examples of hollow core construction providing superior structural strength include:

  • Roman viaducts
  • Beehives
  • Core slab concrete
  • Silent floor joists
  • Metal I-beams

How Is a Hollow Core Structurally Stronger?

The strength of a hollow core panel is primarily achieved by:

  • Distance apart of the outside skin material – the further the distance between the skins the stronger the panel
  • Strength of the glue bond of core to skin
  • Density of the core which translates how rigidly the skins are held apart
  • Strength of the frame material only contributes a small increase to the overall strength of a panel

In essence, if you wish to increase the strength of a metal I-beam, the simplest and least expensive option is to increase the height of the beam. Increasing the width or thickness of the top or bottom flange or increasing the thickness of the center web adds very little to the strength.

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