Installation costs are lowered with lightweight construction in many ways. By reducing the weight with hollow core panels many issues that affect cost are minimized or disappear. Some recent examples of our lower installation costs are:

  • Reduction of installation points reducing preparatory and onsite labor.
  • Less installation staff required as components weigh less- an example of this is a feature wall installation behind a check counter in a retail outlet. Prior installations using solid material components necessitated four installation staff per install crew. With the introduction of hollow core components this install crew was reduced to two.
  • Reduction of damaged goods- heavy laminated components damage very easily because of their weight and fragility of finish surfaces- take away the weight…..take away the problem!
  • Reduced shipping costs- hollow core construction allows full utilization of transport methods (full truck height, container loads) which cannot be attained with solid construction which greatly reduces freight costs.

With CedarCrest’s hollow core panels you can benefit from lower installation costs. Contact us today to get your project started.