One of the benefits of hollow core products is that they are lightweight. How can we take out weight? This is a statement echoed almost unanimously throughout all industries! We can show you how to do this in an efficient and simplistic manner. A lightweight hollow core panel creates the effect of substantial design by substituting solid mass with a variety of lightweight core materials. Simply put we use the:

  • Thinnest skin material possible to still maintain surface performance characteristics
  • Minimum frame dimension possible to ensure adequate strength
  • Least expensive core option available while maintaining panel integrity
  • Best glue bond option for the application

By utilizing these standards for our products, we achieve a superior panel solution with a variety of advantages for our clients including:

  • Perfect fit for unique designs
  • Less effort in handling/assembling through every stage of the install process
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Lower freight costs than traditional products

CedarCrest prides itself on producing the highest quality hollow core products with a lightweight advantage. Contact us today to discover the benefits of using lightweight hollow core panels in your next project.