Hollow Core Architectural Panels

Hollow core architectural panels are a blend of attractive aesthetics and functionality. These panels may be used as dividers, acoustical elements, visual treatments, mechanical conductors and shields, or a combination of some, or all, of these components. Some examples of architectural panels are:

  • Decorative wall panels
  • Sound panels
  • Removable panels to conceal mechanical
  • Condo lobby divider (see image)
  • Hanging panels

All of these types of architectural panels require a wide array of materials to create the perfect mix. CedarCrest uses the following specifications and features to achieve this:

  • High stability design
    • Hollow core construction provides far superior stability characteristics while lowering actual weight of product
  • Specialty cores
    • Solid particle core
    • 3”-5” open doorcore
    • 1/8”-1 ½” expanded core, faced or unfaced
    • Extruded tubular particle core
    • Mineral core
    • Foamcore
    • Acoustical core
  • Variety of frame materials
    • Oriented strand board (OSB)
    • Finger jointed pine
    • Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
    • High density fiberboard (HDF)
    • Hardwood- various species
    • Softwood- various species
    • Laminate
    • Veneer
    • PVC sheet
  • Fire ratings
  • Sound ratings
    • STC rating
    • NRC rating
  • Variety of skin materials
    • High pressure laminate
    • Low pressure laminate
    • Vinyl laminate
    • Paper laminate
    • Veneer
    • PVC sheet
    • Metallic laminate
    • Graphics
    • Pre-painted metal and aluminum sheet
  • Variety of finish materials
    • Stain
    • lacquer
  • Machining
    • Hinge pockets
    • Lock preps
    • Door closer
    • Window openings (lites)
    • Concealed wiring channels for electronic locks
    • Panic bars
    • Drop down light seals
  • Interior blocking
  • Size parameters
    • Thickness range from ¾”- 2 3/8”
    • Width/lengths up to 60” wide and 144” high

CedarCrest is your source for functional and aesthetic hollow core architectural panels. Contact us today to discuss your architectural panel needs.

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